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When buying a sex doll, you will encounter silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls. While most sex dolls in the market are made with TPE materials, many people prefer silicone sex dolls thanks to their high quality and many other perks. TPE materials are cheaper to produce, and their elasticity makes it possible for the sex doll to conform to different sex positions.

However, silicone sex dolls are on a higher level than other sex dolls. Thanks to the thermoset material, a silicone sex doll is easier to sterilize and will not lose its shape over time like the TPE sex doll. When its temperature rises to 40degrees Celcius, it enters the glass transition phase making it consistent over time. Here is why you should opt for silicone sex dolls.

More realistic

The number one reason why many people prefer silicone sex dolls is that they are more realistic than TPE sex dolls. They are firm, and the body parts do not wobble like those of sex dolls made with TPE materials. Their firm shape makes them more rigid even during use. Furthermore, a silicone sex doll doesn’t lose its shape no matter the force the user exerts on it, and it is also easier to clean, making it more realistic than the other type.

Silicone is an environmentally friendly material


Silicone sex dolls are thermosets which means that they are not reactive with most elements such as heat. They are highly resistant to heat and cannot lose shape under high pressure. On the other hand, sex dolls made with TPE material can quickly be injected and reshaped, a characteristic that causes them to lose consistency faster than silicone sex dolls. Silicone sex dolls are durable, making them ideal for many applications, thanks to their high quality.

It doesn’t trap oil

If you have used TPE-made sex dolls, you realize that oil tends to remain trapped on the doll’s skin and inner parts due to their high porosity. Sex dolls made of TPE materials are porous, making them corrode when you don’t clean them thoroughly after use. A stained sex doll can cause a reaction to your skin and even endanger your health when you use it subsequently.

In contrast, a silicone sex doll is non-porous; therefore, oil or lubricants cannot stain it. This property makes things easier for the user because it requires less maintenance, and one may not have all the time to clean it after use.

Less weight

Although sex dolls vary in weight and size, a silicone sex doll will be lighter than one made of TPE materials. Typically, the number of materials used to produce TPE sex dolls is always higher, making them heavier than silicone sex dolls. Weight is a critical consideration you need to make when buying a sex doll since you don’t want something too bulky for you to carry. A silicone sex doll makes the ideal choice because it is lighter.

Implanted hair

A silicone sex doll has hair implanted on its head, unlike a TPE sex doll that comes with a wig. Implanted hair is durable and doesn’t fall off; hence an easy to take care of a sex doll. The hair falling off the head of a sex doll can ruin its beauty and impact your mood, something you don’t want to cope with.

Makeup doesn’t fade

TPE-based sex dolls have a low resistance to water and oil, which causes the fading of the makeup when it contacts with sweat or lubricants. In contrast, the non-porous nature of silicone sex dolls means they can retain their makeup and beauty despite everything they encounter.

Final words

A silicone sex doll is environmentally friendly, light, durable, non-porous, and more realistic than other sex dolls.

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