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Top 4 fun facts you should know about the penis

The penis needs to be awarded as one of the gentlest members of a man’s private part. The reason is that many individuals often ascribe blame and faults to the penis when, in reality, they should be blamed. On a more serious note, the penis is known to be an essential player when it comes to having sex. Although oral sex could be possible without the penis, it still doesn’t change the fact that the penis makes oral sex even more pleasurable. If you love to have threesomes or, say, bisexual threesomes, it’s more enjoyable when you have two ladies and a man because no lady really wants to share the penis with another lady. Although there are many fun facts you might not know about the penis, even the owner sometimes might have no idea.

Here are some of those fun facts you don’t know about the penis

The penis is very sensitive:

The same way your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, the same way the penis is sensitive to any slight changes. The penis is about the tiniest member of the body, such that any minor change in mood or environment could cause it to return to its initial shape and size. So, “do not irk the penis.” The sensitivity of the penis is one of the reasons why men tend to orgasm faster than women. One of the most sensitive parts of the penis is the scrotal sac; you might want to be careful with handling it.

The penis can break:

If you have an understanding partner, he might keep this away from you, but the truth remains. The penis might look strong; it’s not. It’s all muscles and doesn’t have bones; hence, while giving him blow jobs, be careful how you stroke the penis because any slight mishandling could lead to breakage. Once the penis breaks, the center of the injury becomes swollen and bruised, and recovering from this would require a handful number of stitches.

Shrinking is as fast as the speed of light:

As mentioned earlier, the penis could distort and lose its erection faster than the blink of an eye. This could be due to several factors; however, smoking is one of those ways your penis could shrink, and this is because of the blood vessels that have calcified over time, reducing erectile circulation. If you smoke regularly and notice a change in the size of your penis, be sure to quit smoking for a while to see if smoking is really what’s behind your predicament.

Circumcision doesn’t mean maximum pleasure:

Here’s a huge misconception about the penis. There’s no correlation between circumcision and enjoying sex. Whether a man is circumcised or not, pleasuring you would depend on how great he is in bed and his sexual skills. If he’s unable to make you orgasm, and he’s uncircumcised, it’s not because of the circumcision. Most bisexual threesome porn videos have featured uncircumcised porn actors, and the lady still enjoys the sex and would orgasm at the end.

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