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Fantastic Ways to Spice Things Up in Your Bedroom

According to research, people feel sexual satisfaction from their partners during the first year of their relationship. After that, satisfaction starts to decline and then becomes steady. Having sex with the same person over time can diminish the excitement. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything. Some people have spent years together but still enjoy their sex life. It depends on how you look at it, relate with your partner, and if you are willing to transform your bedroom into a sex paradise. The following are fantastic ways you can delight and satisfy your partner. These tips can help you spice things up and keep the pleasure going.

Dare New Things

Doing daring things means being adventurous. So, instead of the usual routine, try something risky or adventurous. You can go for public sex. It is thrilling, and the fact that it is illegal makes it better. If you prefer sex in a discreet public place, another may prefer trying out a vibrator to make it fun. Others like role-playing to spice things up. So, whatever you prefer, make it consensual and look for other ways to make it more interesting. In fact, you can add some toys to the thrill to create something fun and exciting.

Add Accessories

Using sex toys can be another fantastic way of spicing things up. It does not mean that one of you is not enough. Toys, like sex dolls Australia, can help both of you reach satisfaction. They can help achieve orgasm, especially if you have difficulty achieving one typically. Bring a delaying spray that allows the man to last longer if that is what both of you prefer. You should also bring lubes to ensure comfortable sex, which helps decrease friction. Most importantly, ensure your health by cleaning the toys after use.

Flirt with Your Partner

Flirting can also be a great way of making things fun in the bedroom. Keep your passion for each other alive by flirting about anything. It does not have to be about sex. Some things you can use to flirt include date nights, candy, a spa day, flowers, and more. Try helping your partner with some tasks and show them you care when they are stressed. This brings an emotional connection, something you need to spice up your sex life.

Do It in a Hotel Room

Sometimes all it takes to have the best sex is to change the location. So, if you are used to making love in the bedroom, try changing things up by doing it in a different room. It may also be a great idea to try in a hotel room. If you have kids, have someone to babysit them as you enjoy a night of romance in a hotel. Just make sure you are comfortable and can explore each other without distractions.

Create the Mood

The atmosphere you create can determine how everything goes. Therefore, it is essential to ensure both of you are in a comfortable place where you can feel free with each other. Take some time to set the scene by dimming the lights. Don’t have sex in the dark. Instead, install some lights that you can dim when need be. It will ensure you can look each other in the eyes. Use scented candles and ensure the sheets are clean. Additionally, you need to use sensory touches like sight where you wear sexy underwear, sound where you play calm and relaxing music at low volume, and smell where you use scented candles or massage oil. Don’t forget to bring some wine.


Sex is an integral element of a relationship. Things can get messy if it declines or partners don’t get satisfied. Sex becomes better when partners like it. Therefore, sit together and decide on things to help you spice it up. Try connecting both physically and emotionally. It will be easier for you to have enjoyable sex.

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